Choirs and Trap Music Go Hand and Hand

On Monday night (Feb.27), Rapper 2 Chainz performed the Mike Dean-produced trap smash “Good Drank” featuring Migos frontman Quavo and ATL trap legend Gucci Mane on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. However, that night, when Quavo was not present to perform his part, a choir took over and held down Quavo’s spot, in superior harmonized fashion.

2 Chainz himself, refers to the 8-member choir as his “trap choir” and when I heard this version, via youtube, I just about thrown my earbuds in the air. Due to the creativity and collaboration of what happens when everybody isn’t able to make it and someone has to step up to the plate to get it done. AND THEY DID.

“Good Drank” is definitely a banger in your neighborhood holster. 2 Chainz proves that his staying power in hip-hop, mixed with a little of the Lord’s doing, can stay concrete and provide that knee-jerk, super-dabbed formula that you covet so much.


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